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WISE is all about you! We bring comprehensive sexuality education to community settings in Dallas, so young people and families can learn the facts and make informed decisions about their bodies and relationships, for their whole lives.

Wholly Informed Sex Ed is for Every Body 
Committed to inclusivity and radical diversity, WISE seeks to equitably empower young people with science-based comprehensive sexuality education.

     Wholly Informed Sex Ed is a non-profit community outreach program originating in The First Unitarian Church of Dallas, where love and  service are practiced every day.

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WISE is based in the Our Whole Lives (OWL) Lifespan Sexuality curriculum. Its purpose is to provide inclusive, comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexuality education to youth in the Dallas area, through partnerships with parents and caregivers, community and health organizations, schools, and others.

We are facilitators, educators, and community partners who believe sex education IS education, and that all people are deserving of honest answers to questions about sexuality — a fulfilling, essential, positive aspect of being alive.

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WISE is dedicated to creating a world where factually informed people can safely and knowledgeably make the best choices for their bodies and their lives. We support the dignity of pregnant people and believe they should have equitable access to the reproductive health care they need, including abortion.

More Than Sex Ed Has A Few Things to Say About Training New Educators for WISE in Texas

Emmalinda MacLean describes the need for more sexual health educators, after helping Wholly Informed Sex Ed train a new class. Check out their blog post here: www.morethansex-ed.org/blog/texas-sex-educators

WISE recently trained 17 new sexual health educators in the Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality curriculum, and we are launching in the Dallas community! Email us at wise@dallasuu.org for more information.

Think about everything you wish someone had told your younger self about sex.

Did you get the facts about not just the mechanics of how bodies work, but health and safety, media and body image, love, family and friends, puberty and growing up, sex and gender, communication, consent, and decision making – in age-appropriate language?

Now imagine a program whose goals and values support the “three Rs” of childhood sexuality education: respect, relationships, and responsibility. With WISE, using OWL as our foundation, we deliver a curriculum based on the following:

  • All children should be loved, cared for, respected, and valued as unique individuals
  • Sexuality is a natural and healthy part of living that children learn about throughout their lives
  • Children learn about sexuality from how people touch them, talk with them, and expect them to behave
  • Information about sexuality, human development, and sexual health should be presented to children in positive, accurate and developmentally appropriate ways
  • Parents and caregivers are their children’s most important sexuality educators. The larger community of educators, child-care providers, and health professionals can also have a positive influence on children’s sexual health